Real Name Kal-El
Current Alias Superman
Aliases Clark Joseph Kent
Relatives Kara Zor-El (cousin), Kon-El/Conner Kent (partial clone)
Affiliation Justice League, Daily Planet
Base of Operations Metropolis, Fortress of Solitude, Hall of Justice
Alignment Good
Identity Secret
Race Kryptonian
Citizenship American
Gender Male
Hair Black
Creators Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster
Universe DC
Portrayed by IThe_BatmanI

Superman is one of the most powerful beings on Earth, a Kryptonian immigrant by the name of Kal-El. Kal was raised by Jonathan and Martha Kent on a farm in a town called Smallville, using the human name of Clark Kent.

History Edit

Origin Edit

During the destruction of his home planet, Krypton, a baby Kal-El was saved by his parents, Jor-El and Lara Lor-Van, who sent him away in a rocket. Landing on Earth, he was adopted by kindly Smallville residents Jonathan and Martha Kent. He was given the name of Clark Kent, and lived an ordinary life until his parents revealed his extraterrestrial heritage at age 18, though his powers had already started to manifest.

After this realization, Clark decided to become a superhero. His parents created a costume and symbol for him, and was he dubbed Superman by Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane. He would go on to become the protector of Metropolis, though the entire world recognized him as a hero.

He works for the Daily Planet in his civilian identity as Clark Kent.


Though not actively involved in the plot, Superman is known across the world, and Tony Stark despises him for personal reasons.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Powers Edit

  • Kryptonian Physiology: Kryptonians possess several superhuman abilities, mostly gained from absorbing solar radiation. These include:
    • Superhuman Strength: Superman is capable of lifting far over 100 tons
    • Invulnerability: Superman's body is nearly impenetrable, withstanding bullets, explosions, and even a bomb that wiped out an entire mountain could only knock him unconscious.
    • Longevity
    • Flight
    • Superhuman Hearing
    • Super-Breath
    • Heat Vision
    • X-Ray Vision

Abilities Edit

  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced)
  • Indomitable Will
  • Journalism
  • Leadership

Weaknesses Edit

  • Vulnerability to Magic
  • Vulnerability to Kryptonite: Perhaps Superman's greatest weakness, Green Kryptonite has been shown to neutralize his powers and greatly weaken him.
  • Lead: Superman's X-Ray vision does not allow him to see through lead.

Paraphernalia Edit

Equipment Edit

  • All items in the Fortress of Solitude

Notes Edit

  • Formerly played by FrazzlDazzl, (luikijo) one of the longest-playing USHU members. Frazzl played as Superman for over a year before changing to Wolverine.
    • Also played by IThe_BatmanI, formerly known as DeadpoolE616