Iron Bat Armor
Official Name Iron Bat Armor
Aliases Mark LVII Armor
Model MK
Version LVII
Lead Designer Tony Stark
Universe DC/Marvel
Place of Creation Stark Industries
Current Owner Nightwing
Former Owner(s) Tony Stark

The MK LVII Iron Man Armor, dubbed Iron Bat, is the 57th suit of armor manufactured by Stark Industries, intended for use by Batman. Batman, however, dismissed the armor and therefore his former partner, Nightwing, took it.


When Batman and Nightwing came to New York City, Tony Stark designed a suit of armor especially for the Dark Knight. Though Batman was intrigued by Stark's creation, he noted that it restricted mobility and also possessed weapons which he did not wish to use. The armor was locked away in Batman's newly added room at Stark Tower, due to his potential as an Avenger. The armor would still see action, however, as Nightwing donned it in a successful attempt to save Batman's life.


  • Repulsor Blasts: Like all Iron Man armors, the MK LVII is capable of shooting Repulsor Blasts from it's gloves.
  • Advanced Communications System: The armor is capable of tapping into most frequencies and can also contact Stark Tower's AI computer system, J.A.R.V.I.S., directly.
  • Computer Display: The user is capable of interacting with most computer systems, and can also directly tap into the Batcomputer and the Watchtower's main computer.
  • Night Vision


  • The addition of Iron Bat to the game was one condition that Nengalore scripted it.
  • LVII is 57 in Roman numerals.
  • The Iron Bat armor was created by Memebase user SmashedJuIcebox, according to the ROBLOX player who made the clothes, DDude642.