• IiAvernius

    [Day 1] There comes a day, when people have to fight, for what's right. Well, here's some tips on how to "fight" your way into what's right. Sometimes people can be morons. Alot of times, people want to help the bullied, but don't because they wish to not ruin their "Popularity". Noone knows what someone's going through at their house. If someone decides to bully someone, in the bathroom, hallway, ext. Step up. Here's what you say. "Hey, dude, if you have to waste your time bullying, then you need to get a life. I cannot stand bullies! They are very rude. If you hurt this poor soul again, I will tell!". If they attack you, attack, back or even better, let yourself get beat up. Not only will he get into more trouble, but you prove yourself,…

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  • Fradwasere

    Rules of USHU

    July 29, 2015 by Fradwasere

    The Ultimate Superhero Universe has several rules that must be enforced. Reading this is now mandatory.

    This is a work in progress.

    • As the character guide says, you must be a Veteran and have a 13+ filter to reserve a character.
    • You do not actually own your character. While you may be the only one with access to it, (outside of the Legends Simulator) I reserve the right to alter, remove or modify it in any way. You will lose your character if you're inactive for too long.
    • Respect all other players. No RKing (Random Killing) or SKing. (Spawnkilling)
    • Do not irritate other players. If someone is intentionally annoying you, you may kill them without it being considered RK.
    • Do NOT kill civilians, regardless of alignment.
    • It isn't RK to damage someone witho…
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  • Fradwasere

    The only requirements for this are:

    • Veteran badge
    • 13+ filter. See here.

    This is not meant to be too exclusive, but there have been several cases of people that I haven't been able to communicate with because of the filter, and the Veteran badge indicates experience. You do not have to be 13+ as long as your words aren't coming out as "#####" to others. Email verification may help this, I am not sure. Also, I have noticed the Veteran badge glitching on several occassions, technically you don't have to have it as long as you've played for a year on this account. It's easy to find out at the bottom of your profile.

    NOTE: People who do not meet the requirements CAN still play USHU and can use characters at the Legends Simulator. The requirements a…

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  • Fradwasere

    Well, I just thought I'd put this here for those who actually ever look at the wiki. Keep in mind that I'm interested in the results but they most likely won't affect anything. Updating this on the 2nd of April 2016 due to the imminent creation of the X-Mansion.

    Don't multi-vote, obviously.


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  • Fradwasere

    USHU Wiki Editing Guide

    January 16, 2015 by Fradwasere

    So, I'm sure there are a few of you who want to edit the wiki, but are not sure what my guidelines is. Well, really, neither am I. But I can lay down a few things.

    What NOT to do:

    • Copy everything directly from the DC or Marvel wikis. That isn't what this wiki is about.
    • Create pages or links relating to character who are not playable or NPCs. If I've mentioned that I'm going to make them, then links are okay.
    • Make every single reference of a character/place/thing into a link.
    • Make infoboxes. You can request that these be made, though.
    • Delete other people's work.
    • Edit things that aren't stubs. (NOTE: Not all stubs are marked as such)
    • Make every reference of the character/place/thing that the page is of's name bold.
    • Create pages of anything that's non-…
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  • Fradwasere

    The wiki opens to the public today! Woo!

    Please ask before editing anything on the wiki.

    -Frad, Batman of USHU

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  • Fradwasere

    Happy Holidays!

    December 23, 2014 by Fradwasere

    Happy Holidays from all of us at USHU! 

    I've been making a character a day in the vein of an Advent Calendar for the past 22 days, and despite ending up with a list of 39 possibilites, I'm having trouble choosing who I actually want to make.

    I'll be quite inactive on ROBLOX, mostly due to trying to get this wiki started up, but also due to family matters.

    Have a merry Christmas, and a happy New Year!


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