Black Canary
Real Name Dinah Laurel Lance
Current Alias Black Canary
Aliases Dinah Lance
Relatives Green Arrow (husband)
Affiliation Justice League, Birds of Prey
Base of Operations Star City, Gotham City
Alignment Good
Identity Public
Citizenship American
Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Creators Dennis O'Neil, Dick Dillin
Universe DC
Portrayed by Not taken
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Dinah Lance is the second of the Lance family to wear the mantle of Black Canary, after her mother, also named Dinah. She possesses a metagene, and is therefore metahuman from birth. She has the ability to perform the "canary cry", a high-pitched sonic scream which is deafening.

History Edit

Dinah Laurel Lance is a second generation superhero, taking the alias of her mother and becoming a crime-fighter herself.


By this time, Dinah has married Oliver Queen, also known as Green Arrow, and is a core member of the Justice League.