Official Name The Batcave
Location Details
Universe DC
Galaxy Milky Way
Star System Sol
Planet Earth
Country United States of America
State New Jersey
City Gotham City
Locale Gotham County

The Batcave is Batman's primary base of operations, in a cave system located under Wayne Manor.

History Edit

Bruce Wayne discovered the caverns when he fell down a well in his youth.

After becoming Batman, Wayne would revisit the caves to use as a sanctum and to store his then-minimal equipment. Realizing that it would make a good base, with the assistance of Alfred Pennyworth, he created a stronghold for his fight against crime.

The Batcave's location remains a secret, and is known by few. By Batman's choice or not, people aware of it's location include:

Residents Edit

Notes Edit

  • The Batcave is based off it's appearance in LEGO Batman 2.
  • Currently those not invited by Fradwasere are not allowed into the Batcave.
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